Poetry,on Abuse

Abuse is a negative and malicious trait
It express the sin and evil
That one should hate

But unfortunately
Some strive upon this bitter taste
For the lack of knowledge and stability
And much desire,fame and haste
For the evil and poison of waste

In the good thoughts of our spirits
It tells one not to commit such evil
But the thoughts of malicious choices
Beg to differ
To cause much upheaval

It’s not rewarding nor good to be bad
And with this thought that
Some thank that it is a need to be so
Makes me concern and sad

But the use of abuse is on the loose
To ensure in it’s grip of evil
The weak and unaware
Which causes one to slip and fall
And promote that no good in life
Can be nor come at all

This statement apply
To both the male and female gender
That use abuse as a mender
For the choice of evil in either one
Will not cause them to come out as a winner

Take my advice and put God first
So that you can eat the fruits of many blessings
Instead of the fallen and rotten fruit
That lay ungracefully in the dirt

Godspeed to all the readers.

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What would you do differently,if you could do it all again?

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When I take pen in hand

When I take pen in hand
To write down what visions
That my intellect demands

I see a light so bright
It takes me away
Far from the doom,gloom and boom
Of the darkness of today

It inspires me to pick and poke
In the ruins and deadness of life
And bring to the paper
That which is odd and challenging
But kind of nice

Life itself is my inspirations of thought
That steams from the many mega experiences
On the battle field of spiritual warfare
From which mysterious thoughts that it is brought

Do this,and do that,stop here,and watch that
Came the inspirations to myself
But I sorted out the most of and the best ones
And the other ones I left
I take pen in hand

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Never get tired of doing the the Right Thing

O me o my of this terrible thing
Which evil have brought
That Satan rejoice
In negative and uneducated thoughts
That no good deed goes unpunished
Which I don’t agree with the idea nor the act
It makes God seem less
And evil seem more
When that is not a fact
Not even close to the mark
So the next time one speaks about it
They should think before they start
Can you eat something sweet
And not taste the sweetness thereof
It is the same as the goodness of God
That give such positive blessings from above

It saddens my spirit
To witness such misinterpretation
And I heard it said around the nations
Of both the world and Christians alike
seem to have that thought and view in tack

Never let it be said
That there is no reward for doing good
Or there will be no prize ahead
For the lack of knowledge in this negative mood

When you say
No good deed goes unpunish
You bring in the process of evil consequences
To an unwelcome measurement in your life
Of negative and ill astonishment

Never stop doing
What God have set forth
The good always come back to you
In different ways and other areas of life
In all that we say and do

Tell the truth and shame the Devil
Never let your spirit
Go down to His level

It is written that the God said
My children are destroyed
For the lack of knowledge
So yield to His inspirations of spirit
So that in your life
This curse can be abolish

So having said that
Let this thought bell ring
Never get tired of doing the Right Thing


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The Last One

I am the LAST of the MAJOR CELESTIAL SPIRITS OF THE ALMIGHTY’S ETERNAL GODHEAD that was chosen and appointed by Him to come forth to receive:”The Passing of the Staff”.

The Passing of the Staff is a Biblical order of the next in line system,of which system is a lenage that the Almighty arranged for certain Major Spirits to come forth IN TURN,and at the TIME APPOINTED to FULFILL…to UVEIL…and to PROPHESY.

After which presentation and purpose thereof have been fulfill the staff is then in readiness to be pass to the next in line.Of which Major  Celestial Spirits arranged and appointed by THE ALMIGHTY I am the next and THE LAST ONE that was chosen , appointed,and PREDESTINATED by Him TO COME FORTH TO THE WORLD.Read my hubs(articals)of Unknown Knowlege,poems,Poetry,and Philosophy.Just click on what you want to read.http://www.hubpages.com/profile/Apostle+Jack

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The way friends is interpretated in these present days stand in the idea and meaning of what an enemy is.
And in view of that,the enemy is equal to or more of a friend than the friend is.This trait of deception and
ill-conduct is clearly in connection with "The Yoke" that cloud this dreary and dark time span of world
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If what you want ,or what you need is worth anything…it’s worth the wait.
Patience always carry it’s rewards and good consequences in hand.
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