Poetry,on Abuse

Abuse is a negative and malicious trait
It express the sin and evil
That one should hate

But unfortunately
Some strive upon this bitter taste
For the lack of knowledge and stability
And much desire,fame and haste
For the evil and poison of waste

In the good thoughts of our spirits
It tells one not to commit such evil
But the thoughts of malicious choices
Beg to differ
To cause much upheaval

It’s not rewarding nor good to be bad
And with this thought that
Some thank that it is a need to be so
Makes me concern and sad

But the use of abuse is on the loose
To ensure in it’s grip of evil
The weak and unaware
Which causes one to slip and fall
And promote that no good in life
Can be nor come at all

This statement apply
To both the male and female gender
That use abuse as a mender
For the choice of evil in either one
Will not cause them to come out as a winner

Take my advice and put God first
So that you can eat the fruits of many blessings
Instead of the fallen and rotten fruit
That lay ungracefully in the dirt

Godspeed to all the readers.

About apostlejack7

I am one that the WORLD did not know about;and did not see coming.I am the LAST of the MAJOR SPIRITS that is call APOSTLES. http://www.hubpages.com/hub/lack http://www.hubpages.com/profile/Apostle Jack
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3 Responses to Poetry,on Abuse

  1. Rochelle R says:

    Great poem. You are very talented. 🙂

    • apostlejack7 says:

      @ Rochelle
      You are duty welcome to my table of words.It is there by which we decide and present choices of SPIRITUALITY. I would be honored if you would take a peep and see what else you can see.

      We are as efficient in doing whatever it is that we want to do in life…..as we are READY and PREPARED do to so.
      In knowledge we are to be prepared in both CELESTIAL and TERRESTRIAL understanding.One is scientific and the other is spiritual….the world knows about one,but not the other…..but a turning point is here,a fulfilling prophecy of old ,Daniel 12 v 4 in that,”They shall run to and fro,and KNOWLEDGE shall be INCREASED.That time have come.
      Thanks for your most gracious comment and attention to my poem.

  2. apostlejack7 says:

    Expect great things.

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