Never get tired of doing the the Right Thing

O me o my of this terrible thing
Which evil have brought
That Satan rejoice
In negative and uneducated thoughts
That no good deed goes unpunished
Which I don’t agree with the idea nor the act
It makes God seem less
And evil seem more
When that is not a fact
Not even close to the mark
So the next time one speaks about it
They should think before they start
Can you eat something sweet
And not taste the sweetness thereof
It is the same as the goodness of God
That give such positive blessings from above

It saddens my spirit
To witness such misinterpretation
And I heard it said around the nations
Of both the world and Christians alike
seem to have that thought and view in tack

Never let it be said
That there is no reward for doing good
Or there will be no prize ahead
For the lack of knowledge in this negative mood

When you say
No good deed goes unpunish
You bring in the process of evil consequences
To an unwelcome measurement in your life
Of negative and ill astonishment

Never stop doing
What God have set forth
The good always come back to you
In different ways and other areas of life
In all that we say and do

Tell the truth and shame the Devil
Never let your spirit
Go down to His level

It is written that the God said
My children are destroyed
For the lack of knowledge
So yield to His inspirations of spirit
So that in your life
This curse can be abolish

So having said that
Let this thought bell ring
Never get tired of doing the Right Thing


About apostlejack7

I am one that the WORLD did not know about;and did not see coming.I am the LAST of the MAJOR SPIRITS that is call APOSTLES. Jack
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