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I am one that the WORLD did not know about;and did not see coming.I am the LAST of the MAJOR SPIRITS that is call APOSTLES. Jack

What would you do differently,if you could do it all again?

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When I take pen in hand

When I take pen in hand To write down what visions That my intellect demands I see a light so bright It takes me away Far from the doom,gloom and boom Of the darkness of today It inspires me to … Continue reading

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Never get tired of doing the the Right Thing

O me o my of this terrible thing Which evil have brought That Satan rejoice In negative and uneducated thoughts That no good deed goes unpunished Which I don’t agree with the idea nor the act It makes God seem … Continue reading

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Poetry,on Abuse

Abuse is a negative and malicious trait It express the sin and evil That one should hate But unfortunately Some strive upon this bitter taste For the lack of knowledge and stability And much desire,fame and haste For the evil … Continue reading

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The Last One

It’s all about”The Turning Point of Time Spans”. Continue reading

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The way friends is interpretated in these present days stand in the idea and meaning of what an enemy is. And in view of that,the enemy is equal to or more of a friend than the friend is.This trait of … Continue reading

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If what you want ,or what you need is worth anything…it’s worth the wait. Patience always carry it’s rewards and good consequences in hand.

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